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Eric Binnion —  November 1, 2012 — 4 Comments

Recently I wrote a post titled, “A Social Marketing Game Plan for Small Businesses“. That post, while it had some good information, provided a very simplistic way of approaching social media. The thing is, there are always going to be tools and strategies that can make your social media marketing much more effective.

I’d like to share with you three power tools that I have been using in my Twitter marketing. Using these tools will help you understand what content is most effective with your audience and will also show you if your marketing efforts are paying off.


TweetSheet Screenshot

TweetSheet is a free web app that will create an interesting infographic out of your Twitter data. What I like so much about TweetSheet is that it allows you to very quickly compare your marketing tactics over time by seeing how many retweets and replies you get per month. Replies and retweets aren’t the only measure of success for Twitter marketing, but they are a good sign that content you are recommending resonates with your audience.

TweetSheet also allows you to easily see who your top followers are as well as your most retweeted content. This information is powerful because it allows you to build relationships with your top followers, and turn them into an evangelist. Knowing which content is most retweeted is powerful because it lets you know what content resonates most with your audience. Give you audience what they want, and you will grow your traffic and followers.


Tweriod Screenshot

Tweriod is a free tool that will allow you to maximize the reach of your content on Twitter. In layman’s terms, Tweriod tells you when to post content so the most people see it. The idea here is that if you are posting on Twitter when your followers aren’t there, then your content is not being seen.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter Screenshot

The past two tools have been great for measuring and increasing interaction, but it sure would be nice to see a graph of your Twitter followers over time. That’s exactly what Twitter Counter does. The free version gives you the option to see a graph of your Twitter followers or your tweets over a period of time that you determine.

What I find most useful about this tool, is it allows you to see how effective your social marketing by showing you how your followers grow over time. Combining this tool with the most featured content information in TweetSheet is a killer combo to show you what works best .

What Do You Think?

Social marketing definitely isn’t easy, but tools give us the ability to work smarter and be more effective. Have you used these tools before? What did you think of them? Are there any other tools you use for Twitter that weren’t mentioned here? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Eric Binnion


This post was written by Eric Binnion. When Eric is not online, he is usually volunteering in his community or enjoying time with his family. You can find Eric on Twitter.

4 responses to 3 Free Twitter Power Tools

  1. Great finds, Eric! Will definitely bookmark and try out this stuff. Sure helps brand management and makes it a lot easier too. I suggest Followerwonk and Topsy for managing your Twitter marketing. Some of the functions are pretty similar, but both have helped me tremendously.

    • I appreciate the suggestions! I’ll definitely try them out. Another one I’ve really began to like it TodayLaunch. If you get some time in the near future check them out. I think of them as a mix between HootSuite and Buffer almost.

  2. I suggest you add Mentionmapp, TweetReach, and also Topsy. I personally rec Mentionmapp; explore your Twitter network through a visualization created based on the mentions you’re receiving.

  3. Sadly, I avoided Twitter for the longest time. I finally bit the bullet and decided to give it a whirl and have found that I’m loving it! I’m still learning the ins and outs and really appreciated the tools you shared in this post. Being able to measure your activity / results is always advised and these tools will be very helpful in helping determine best practices to engage your followers and grow your follower base. Thanks a million for the insights!

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