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Teli Adlam —  December 18, 2005

More doesn’t always equal better. Instead of copying and pasting a long list of URLs to update each time you publish an entry to the blog, you should choose the websites carefully and make sure they are in alignment with the topic of your website.

Some update services specialize in popular news, others work with science related websites, some are in a completely different language. Each will have their own guidelines on which blogs should update them and how.

You can find some general update services that you can notify each time you update your blog. Be careful not to spam them, only notify them whenever you publish new content to your blog, otherwise your blog be permanently banned.

Some update services require you to sign up before you can submit your blog and notify them of updates, they include:

For a longer list of update services, including a number of update services for different countries, visit Elliot Back’s Update Service list.

Teli Adlam


5 responses to Blog Update Services

  1. Lots of the services you have to at least “claim” your blog.

    Some interesting discoveries for you

    Syndic8 currently have just over 100K RSS feeds approved, and 200K awaiting approval. My niche websites blog had been on the approval list for 7 months, so I approved it myself yesterday.

    I am also going through the process with other services, some were listing Haloscan comments, but not the blogs, and sometimes my blogs were only available as reblogged entries.

    I suspect 90% or more of blogs are not receiving the blog search traffic they should, because all they do is ping.

  2. Very valid points, Andy.

    With technology growing as quickly as it is, the user should take the initiative to get their website noticed, even if it means claiming their blog manually (generally only takes a minute or two per service).

    It’s also another reason why I choose the update services I use very carefully. Instead of clogging the channels with pings from my website, which would be useless to those visitors.

    I only update the services I feel will add some value to my own site and mine to theirs, a symbiotic relationship in some ways :).

  3. Nice List..
    Do you thing it really helps in SEO? Well, I know it surely helps in popularity.
    I think you have missed another popular one

  4. You have a nice compilation here… but don’t you think that pinging these services through pingomatic and also pinging them directly will be considered spamming (atleast by them) ?

  5. Thank YOU! for sharing the list. I just did a search for Update Services and came up first.