Moving From Blogger to WordPress: Import or Start Fresh?

Teli Adlam —  May 16, 2007

There’s no doubt that Blogger makes starting a blog easy, but there may come a time when you realize you’re not building any equity in your own website and decide to pack up your content and move. In general, there are a couple options at that point: import your entries from Blogger or mothball the Blogger site and start fresh on the new site.

The default answer for a number of bloggers would be to import the blog entries from Blogger, set up a redirect page, and go on their merry way. But, before you load up that moving van, stop and think about what you can’t take with you. How old is your Blogger blog, how many pages are well indexed in the search engines, and do you already have PR? In other words, how established is the Blogger blog?

Instead of just importing your entries from Blogger (which may actually land you some duplicate content penalties if you don’t take down the Blogger blog), consider starting fresh on your new blog. Making the transition if you have an established readership may be delicate, but it’s not impossible.

Plan for a two to four week transition and mark the date in your planner. That should give you enough time to prepare your new blog and ease your readership into the change.

  • Set up the new blog and create your introductory post.
  • Update the links you have control over (profiles, signatures, directories, etc.) to point to your new blog.
  • Start blogging regularly and remember to urge readers from your Blogger blog to update their links and feeds.

While you’re working on building up your new blog, it’s time to gradually phase out the Blogger blog.

  • Optimize your monetization. Make sure your blog can earn although you won’t be actively promoting it.
  • Announce the move in a blog entry and include a link to your new blog and feed.
  • Update all your links to point to the new blog, including the feed links (don’t forget the feed link in the head meta).
  • Add a notice at the top of the page and at the end of the content directing new traffic to your new blog.
  • For the final week or two of the transition, update the Blogger blog every few days with summaries from the blog entries on your new blog (with links, of course).

Of course, if you haven’t established your Blogger blog, then importing all of your entries to a new blog may be the ideal solution. Just make sure you weigh the pros and cons of your decision first.

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Teli Adlam


7 responses to Moving From Blogger to WordPress: Import or Start Fresh?

  1. I have found the process to be smooth so far. Ive written on how to take down the hurdles one by one on my blog, you may want to read it.


  2. Hi Mani,
    Thanks for coming by, reading, and participating. 🙂 I left a comment about it on your blog entry, but I’ll copy it here for my readers’ benefit as well.

    I believe you misconstrued my main point. I don’t think anyone should just blindly start a completely new blog. In my entry, I ask the readers to consider how established their Blogger blog is already before choosing to import or start fresh.

    With Blogger, though you can take the blog entries with you, it would take time to get your new blog re-established, especially from the search engine stand point because Blogger does not allow 301 (permanent) redirects.

    Why is this a big deal? Sure, you can let Google know about your brand new WP blog on your own domain, but guess what? It doesn’t mean that your new blog will start ranking for certain keywords that the Blogger blog already has locked down. That takes time and back links.

    Even if you import your blog entries, it’s like starting a completely new blog in the eyes of the search engines and, by the way, I’m not just referring to Google. 😉

    Of course, if the blogger used Blogger’s domain mapping feature, then it’s not really a problem. 🙂

    ~ Teli

  3. Thank you for this post. I am in the process of moving from blogger to wordpress and I think I will keep my blogger running and just delete and repost the content that I want on wordpress.


  4. Martin Ferro-Thomsen April 7, 2009 at 4:25 am

    Very helpful. I followed some of your tricks and learned a few of my own. I wrote this post about moving from Blogger to WordPress 2.7 using Godaddy Economy Hosting. I managed to keep URLs intact without redirecting or doing any manual labor. Hope it’s useful to someone. I also talk about why WordPress is the more professional choice for blogging.

    Thanks for a great blog, subscribing to it as we speak.

  5. When I hit the import button in WordPress to import from blogspot, the button changes to importing… but nothing further happens. I’ve waited five minutes and no action. I have only 37 posts.
    How long should it take?

  6. Depending on your server and Blogger, the process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes (often it will happen in seconds) with so few posts. You may have an underlying problem that you’ll need to get checked.

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