Make Time for Blogging with a Schedule

Teli Adlam —  June 4, 2007

There’s been a lot of talk lately about creating a blogging schedule[1], and it reminded me how important that type planning is to the overall success of a blog. Regular blogging yields increased traffic as people begin to realize that your website is a current source of information and if there’s a significant period of downtime, people will begin to unsubscribe from the feed.

Developing a blogging schedule will vary based on your needs, your current schedule, and your ability to prioritize. And if you’re looking to become a professional blogger or turn your blog into a powerhouse, then you’ll probably need to work on it.

Consider Your Current Schedule and Prioritize

Chances are, if blogging isn’t already your primary source of income (aka full time job), then your time is probably limited. Instead of allowing your blog to suffer, take a few hours one day and start outlining your current schedule.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to map out your schedule if you’re working from home — we tend to keep some strange hours — and if that’s the case, spend a week taking inventory of how you spend your time. Note when you start working on your designated assignments, when you relax, when you eat, and so forth.

Knowing when you normally do certain things and how long each task takes means that you’ll know when the best times will be to squeeze a blog entry in. Whenever possible, try for the morning or evening — before you begin your day or before you head off to bed. If you blog before heading off to bed, it’s a good idea to put the post in draft and then check it again in the morning.

Optimize Your Post Writing

Posting doesn’t need to be an all day endeavor. In most cases, a post doesn’t need to take more than 15–30 minutes unless it’s an in depth piece.

  • Define the theme of your blog entry (it could be a working title)
  • Outline your blog entry. One great way is by creating topic subheadings.
  • Fill in the details. Make sure the content can be scanned quickly and flows easily.
  • Proof it, finalize the details, and publish. (In some cases, it may be better to sit on a post because reviewing it with fresh eyes the next day may yield some surprising results.)

The beauty of a number of blogging applications is the ability to post date a blog entry. If you know you will not have time during the week for regular posting, set aside a couple hours one evening to write up enough entries to fit the bill and set each of them to publish at some future date.

Get It On Paper

It’s easy to say you’ll do something and it’s just as easy to convince yourself that you’ll remember to do it. When you write down your intentions, however, it’s like making a formal commitment.

If you have a day planner, a calendar you use for scheduling tasks, or whether you use some electronic information manager, add your blogging schedule to it. Or, you could create a working editorial schedule, print it from your computer, and paste it somewhere you’ll see it often.

[1] The original link was removed, so the link has been updated to reference the Web Archive version of the page.

Teli Adlam


3 responses to Make Time for Blogging with a Schedule

  1. […]This got me thinking of a post I read the other day on optiniche creatively titled “Make Time for Blogging with a Schedule”. While I won’t go over everything that Teli wrote in his post, I will say that it got me thinking that I need some backup posts for this blog in emergency situations so that I can have posts coming out on a regular basis.[…]

  2. That’s why I’ve quickly come to love this site. This article is great. Although I’m not on a written schedule on thing that helped increase my Blogging activity was a GOOD desktop Blogging client.

    Now I can’t speak for you PC users out there but if your a Mac user then the application of choice is easy –

    Finding a good desktop client really revived my enthusiasm to maintain a Blog. No more having to go on-line, logging in, writing the post. Just fire up MarsEdit, create the post and publish. Done.

    I try to keep my Blogging in the late evening, just before bed. This gives my subscribers something new in the morning. I try to post at least three times a week depending on happenings that affect the subject of my overall Blog. Some weeks are slower and some a bit overwhelming.

    Thanks for information/idea about a written schedule. Something I should surely post on the bulletin board for future reference.

  3. This is one of those articles that really hits home. I would always write blog posts late at night then wake to realize what a mess my posts were. I never thought of putting them in draft or pending.