How to Install a WordPress Theme Video Tutorial

Teli Adlam —  September 1, 2007

In this very brief WordPress video tutorial, I’ll walk you through the theme installation process. This video assumes that you’ve already downloaded the theme of your choice to your computer and un-zipped it. The video also assumes that you’re familiar with your FTP program and can connect to your blog using it.

In order to view the video, you’ll need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. After viewing the video, if you have any questions, you’re welcome to leave a comment.

How to Install a WordPress Theme (1:36 – 1.59MB)

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Teli Adlam


4 responses to How to Install a WordPress Theme Video Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for install a WordPress theme video tutorial. Very easy to understand . Great job

  2. Short, concise and thorough. Great video tutorial.

  3. As embarrassing as it may sound, I benefited a lot from the video. Just shows I am still a noob. Thanks for the video tutorial.

  4. Great video tutorial in very good quality. And a nice voice too.