Take Action, Change the World

Teli Adlam —  October 15, 2007

I’d been counting down the days since I signed up and to think, I almost missed it.

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Today is blog action day, where bloggers from all around the world unite for a cause: the environment. While you’re not expected to change the world in a day and all by yourself, we can use this time to enlighten our readers in ways that can be benefit both them and the environment.

Save Trees

Guess what paper is made out of? Each time you throw away a scrap of paper, it’s like throwing away a tree.

  • Use a re-chargeable voice recorder whenever you need to jot down quick notes.
  • If you must use paper, use scrap paper instead of starting a new sheet for messages and other quick notes.
  • Use both sides of a sheet of paper
  • When you’re done, recycle it

But don’t stop there, continue the circle by purchasing recycled paper. In many cases, it can actually be cheaper than 100% non-recycled paper.

Save Energy

You might be thankful for these next tips because they may positively affect your electric bill.

  • Shut down your computer at the end of each working day and do not turn it on until the start of the next business day.
  • Shut down your computer for at least one day each week and take the day off.
  • Swap out your regular 60watt light bulbs for the 2 year halogen or 6 year compact florescent light bulbs. (I’ve had mine for just over 2 years and not a flicker.)

Not only will you save some energy, you’ll actually be doing yourself a world of good by setting strict office hours and reminding yourself that quality time is a necessity in this business.

Reduce Waste

  • When you go shopping for supplies, bring a green bag which is sturdy, roomy and reusable
  • Use re-chargeable batteries for your digital camera and other electronics
  • Separate the recyclable and recycle. (You’d be surprised how many cans of caffeine we go through in a single day.)
  • Use a reusable mug when you go to your “large coffee chain” for a pick-me-up.

Inspire Through Action

In order for the world to change, you must first change. Everything begins with the individual, so instead of expecting someone else to make a change, go ahead and start things off. Get involved with your community activities, donate to a worthy cause, or simply start recycling.

And when you make these small changes, don’t forget to help educate others. My sister has been teasing me ever since I started carrying green bags whenever I go shopping, but now she’s started carrying a green bag herself.

You don’t need to go out on a limb or become a zealot to help change the world. All the little things matter, too. So, the question’s on the table: what can you do to help?

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Teli Adlam


3 responses to Take Action, Change the World

  1. Nice…I didn’t notice theres such a day. I am thinking of starting a global warming blog for the awareness.

  2. This was a much needed post. I just wanted to stop by and say this was inspiring. I’m looking into how to conserve more energy and how to make some changes in my life. Thanks for the advice.

  3. I recycle everything I can. On the street where I live I often see who is not recycling and make up a flyer for them and leave it attatched to the door. This does work and many now recycle.