WordPress Tutorial: Multiple WordPress Installations with a Single Database without Modifying Config File

Teli Adlam —  August 6, 2010

In my previous multiple WordPress installations with a single database tutorial, I explained a simple tweak to the wp-config.php file. The newer versions of WordPress, however, don’t require you to edit the wp-config.php file before installation. This tutorial will explain how you can accomplish the same thing (multiple WordPress installations with a single DB) without touching your wp-config.php file.

After uploading your WordPress files to your website’s server, load the WordPress installation script. Assuming your WordPress site is going to be your site’s homepage, the link should be similar to http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/install.php.

You should receive an error message letting you know there is no wp-config.php file and will ask you if you’d like to create one—click on that button.

Create Config File

The next page will explain what information you’ll need (i.e. your database name, database username, database user’s password, and database host name—which is usually ‘localhost’) and once you have that information handy, you can click on the ‘Let’s go!’ button to continue.

On the actual configuration page, after you’ve already added your info, the important section to update if you want to install more than one installation of WordPress in the database is the ‘Table Prefix’.

Change Table Prefix

For instance, I already have a WordPress installation on my server, so there won’t be a conflict I’d change the ‘wp_’ to ‘wpex_’ so I’ll know the tables belong to my WordPress Example site.

Click on the ‘Submit’ button and you’re finished. Just make sure you change the ‘Table Prefix’ for each new installation of WordPress.

Teli Adlam