Review of “How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales”

Markus Urban —  February 2, 2011 — 8 Comments

Affiliate marketing is the new “it” thing on the internet. Many people making money today have abandoned the traditional ways of making money online (like Google adsense) and have switched to building online brands and profiting through affiliate marketing. As this industry has grown extensively in the recent years, a few rising stars have made their name known throughout. One of those people, is Nick Reese.

Nick is known as an expert on all things affiliate marketing, and it is not uncommon for many Internet gurus to seek out Nick’s advice on their own affiliate marketing projects. Finally, Nick decided that not only would he share his wealth of knowledge with his current affiliate marketing peers, he would share it with anyone and everyone who wanted to hear what he had to say. The result of this decision, is Nick’s new eBook titled “How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales.

“Traffic and Trust” is a comprehensive guide to starting and building your online brand. Nick takes you from the baby step stages all the way through some of the most complex subjects involved with affiliate marketing, and makes it easy to understand for both affiliate marketing beginners and experts alike. It is almost guaranteed that even the most advanced readers will still learn new techniques and insight on how to improve their online businesses.

The guide focuses on the starting points for your brand, how to gain and build traffic to your site, and then, most importantly, how to gain the trust of that traffic and eventually turn it into sales. Unlike most eBooks that you find online, this is not a get rich quick plan, and there is no sure-fire guarantee of overnight success. Instead, this is a step by step, take you by the hand, guide on how to build a strong foundation for your online brand and business ideas. Nick takes you through every step from identifying a niche, to turning snagging the most profitable affiliates. He provides a blueprint for success, he provides a planning guide that asks you the questions you need to be asking yourself, and he provides countless lists of resources and references he has gained over the years that you can use to help quickly and efficiently build your brand.

Making money on the internet is no longer about spam or getting as many clicks on your ads as possible. Making money on the internet is about building relationships, gaining trust, and then converting that trust into sales offers for quality products that you, the seller, can back up. But hey, don’t take my word that this is a must have eBook, just head on over to and see the countless praising recommendations for this eBook from affiliate marketers from all over the world.

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8 responses to Review of “How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales”

  1. Traffic will always not turn in to potential customers. But the points mentioned here seems to be awesome. Definitely I have look after this as a new bee.

  2. Rachelle Anderson February 28, 2011 at 8:43 am

    I heard about this eBook from a good friend of mine who’s also making money through internet marketing. I’ve been having some trouble generating higher profits from my own businesses lately (most of them involve PPC ads) and wondering maybe if it’s time to consider other methods. The Traffic and Trust concept seems like a good idea though. I’ll definitely check out the book and see how it goes. Thanks for providing more info in this blog post!

  3. It looks like there will be come useful advice in here that could even help a well established business. It’s also great to see that as mention it’s not about ‘getting rich quick’ and should therefore offer sustainable guidance on how to give a personable experience in an environment where competition can be rife!

  4. wow! “How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales” must be a great read especially to newbies like me… Thanks Markus for sharing this review. It helps many of us have a great look on this one.


  5. Well,affiliate marketing is not that easy.It is very hard to make people believe that they should buy that product.Nick may have done good,But I think this will not be easy for me at all.

  6. The guide sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like that there are still people in the internet marketing that still practice the core values of what every business should have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  8. I do agree with your readers having trust in you before they buy your product. But you have to be aware that just throwing out a funny story or a true to life experience that you had will not get readers to buy. Give them something worth reading and that you are knowledgeable about and make the story interesting. Finally put your call to action in. When your site starts gaining respect in the search engines, the sales will fall into place. People can smell BS when they see it. Great article and I like other posts on this site. Thanks!

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