A Project with jQuery

Duane —  July 3, 2011 — 5 Comments

Surely every programmer has heard about jQuery by now, but how many of them are actually using it? I recently had the pleasure of creating a new website utilizing jQuery, and I must say, it is awesome! The site has a  lot of user interactions that benefit greatly from jQuery’s capabilities. Other than the ease of working with the DOM like selecting and editing elements of the page, my favorite feature is the AJAX calls. Each action can be a separate web service function, which makes for a compact and clean coding environment.

It’s really pretty simple to learn jQuery, and the difference it makes on the usability side of a website can be huge. Even if you don’t have a programming background, just checkout some of the beginner tutorials to get an idea of what you can do to your site.

When it comes down to user interactions, the easier the better. We have to lower the barriers to user interaction to get visitors to engage with a website. There is a fine line that is the tipping point that makes or breaks a website, and jQuery could be the bit that makes the difference!

The site is PromoCodeShare.com, a platform for finding and sharing promotions and coupons for online merchants. Click here to check out the finished product.



5 responses to A Project with jQuery

  1. Hello Duane, first comment for me here so, i have to agree with you for that jquery increases the usability but what about the browsers?

    we use it a lot but sometime we have different problems on IE and Chrome.

    • One of the beauties of jQuery is it’s cross-browser capabilities. Not to say every function will work in older browsers, but as far as Javascript goes, it’s as good as its gets. When you write javascript directly (without jQuery), you have to worry about cross-browser functionality and write separate code for different browers. jQuery has this built-in, aka it takes care of that part for you, and it’s continually built upon and improved (open source project).

      No other browser technology can do as much as jQuery and have the highest adoption (only requirement is a browser with javascript enabled). Compare that to Flash (doesn’t work on iOS, plus it’s not index-able by search engines), Abobe Air, or Microsoft Silverlight, or even HTML 5.

  2. Heard about jQuery just recently. My college instructor told us to research about this programming language and make a report before the semestral break. I’m glad to hear it’s simple to learn.

  3. I use dreamweaver when I develop websites at work and I use some of the built-in jquery functions that it has but I have yet to delve into the actual code myself. It is definitely something that I want to work on in my minimal spare time that I have. I hope you are right in that it is easy to pick up. Thanks!

  4. i like your article, so keep posting about your mind, nice post 🙂

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