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General WordPress and blogging news and tips that do not warrant a full post, but still warrant attention.

A new WordPress plugin called JavaScript in Posts by Andrew Peacock allows you to do what the name says, place JavaScript within a WordPress blog post. By default, WordPress strips JavaScript and PHP coding from posts for security reasons, however, if you’re the only writer on your blog (or you trust each of your authors), it may be helpful to have the ability to use various coding languages within your entry.

The Simple Link Manager, an affiliate link redirect script, is now available to the general public.

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Google has updated their AdSense publisher guidelines and now all websites/blogs that display AdSense must conform to the Google page quality guidelines. That means if you slap up a crappy page just for the sake of putting up AdSense, you could end up running into some issues with the big G. (Hint: see the part where is says “provide relevant and substantial content”.) As a bonus, you can now have up to 3 ad link units per page — nice touch. Continue Reading…

Social Poster is a service that allows you to submit content to various social bookmarking websites without needing to repeatedly add the title, link, and description. Nice find from Pronet. A similar social bookmarking service is OnlyWire, though it’s not as straight forward as Social Poster.